Fiesta of Mary in Peace


[Homily: Opening Eucharist of 1983 ADDU Fiesta]

This Fiesta in honor of Our Lady has been waiting a long time to be celebrated. It was supposed to have been celebrated three weeks ago. So the teams were formed, the choreographies conceptualized, the practices begun – sometimes already going late into the night.

But then the bombs started going off: in Cagayan de Oro, in Iligan, in Cotabato City, then Midsayap, then Kabacan! They seemed to be heading for Davao. In terror, the anonymous explosions seemed to want to make a political point. For a while, even Davao’s Kadayawan was threatened as Mayor Duterte said he was not sure he could secure Davao for this.

After a heart-to-heart, near tearful consultation with the Samahan, we postponed our celebration. We agreed: the security of the students could not be compromised. We celebrated the Mass of the Assumption in our Chapel. But not…

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