This is my diary
And I use it for my story
I may write so much glory
But time also comes for fury.

‘Cause I am just a person
Who reacts, not just to affirm
but also to ask concerns.
I know I have much to learn
About writing stuff and earn.

I know I have to read
And have my mind ready.
I admit, I know these stuff
needed to be done.
But I also admit that I
am not like the one
Who tends to read and have fun.
‘Cause all I do is write the things —
All that’s on my mind.


I have written this poem yesterday while sitting on the couch of our university library… I wrote this on the first page of my 2013 planner. That’s why the first line is – “This is my diary”. And all the way, words just keep on flashing inside my head about me writing. This poem is like a reflection, perhaps a simple realization on my part, as a writer, if I may say. A realization in the sense that, I need not little knowledge just to have a written output. I have to learn more and read more and practice more. In short, I have to “Do More” or have the “MAGIS” attitude inside of me. Now, I realized that, this attitude should be done for me to improve my abilities and my knowledge. I realized that there’s “more to everything.” I realized this through writing and with drawing.


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