Here, I used felt-tip pens. My inspiration in drawing this was that I was perhaps longing to be at the beach and longing to swim. That’s why I have imagined this and have drawn this out of my longing. Coconut is the title of this because there’s one coconut standing alone in the middle of the sea longing to be with other coconuts in the beach. This coconut is just like me…

“Coconut, January 5, 2011”

Photo by Minnie Maboloc, April 13, 2013

This coconut

is Me.

I look

so far

That I

cannot see

the things

in front

of me.

Well, the

truth is

there’s nothing

at all

in front.

For all

along me

is just

far away.

That’s why

I long

to be

with you.

Not just

seeing you

so very

far away.

This poem is just impromptu, I just wrote it now. 🙂


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