Something unique about me


Something unique about me.

Something unique about me is that I write poems.

I write poems whenever I feel

bored, lonely, happy or

just whenever I feel it.

I don’t mind the form of it

or how will I arrange it.

I just write it.

Well,  I also don’t know the formal

types of poems but as long

as the words rhyme and

syllables count, I consider

it as my poem.

And when it’s done,

I just read it for fun.

And feel it like I’m under the sun.

I think that’s what’s unique about me;

I’m a poet, though I’m

the only one who knew about it.

When I was making my post yesterday, a question just popped-up into my mind — “why am I writing poems?”. Well I answered it myself — “I just write whenever I feel to; as long as the words rhyme, and the syllables count.”. And yes! I’m not only able to answer this question but also the question our professor in our English 21: Speech Arts subject — “To have a creative self-intro– ‘What is something unique about you?'”. It was just a blast of ideas and today, I have written my speech… A 1 minute speech, I’ve been practicing it now, on how will I going to deliver it. Well, thank God our professor said that we shall deliver it in our normal tone of voice — or the normal way we talk… Now, I hope I could do that, tomorrow is the day I’ll speak in front of the class, I’m the 9th speaker…. Wish me good luck! 🙂


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