Invisible to me


When I was leaving my town,

I thought I was going down;

But when I see the crowd,

I realized the things waiting to be found.

Just hanging around

All safe and sound.


Now it’s time, I’ll make the move

And feel the groove;

So I can set the mood

Hiding under my hood.

I’ll taste it all,

Face it all

Not minding to fall

‘Cause I know I’m tall.


Now, I’m not wasting

The time that I’m phasing

‘Cause all I do

Is just spending time with you

For all this time,

The things waiting

Was all you…


You who were there

And seemed to be so near

Near in my heart

Just like an abstract art

Which not all can feel and see;


But now I see

With my eyes wide open

That you were the one most often

Took care of me;

Gave love;



You were mine.

And I’m yours.

Though in reality,

You’re invisible to me.


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