When I’m down

I’ll just walk around

Until I have found

The place of no sound

No sound at all

All you hear is nothing

Though people are whispering

But there’s only One who can hear

The sound of silence

For He’s got the special sense

That he can even hear nonsense.

He’s the One we’ve been whispering to;

He’s the One who hears;

He’s our Savior —

Our Lord.

This photo was taken a month ago or so but today, I just made a poem about it. I guess posting in my blog is seasonal, I just post when I feel it.

So, that’s it! I have my new post. A photo taken long time ago and just posted it now. This post of mine is more of a reflection thingy,

I just write the art of what I feel inside now, and what I feel when… When I’m down. As a child, as a person.

Without any plan at all, see the poem in a bigger picture, it’s now like a little girl standing and looking down.

If you could see that, you see art. I say, candid art. 🙂


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