Story Challenge Letter B

I love that car. ♥

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Hi Bloggers! Do you have to share a story or a short reflection tagged with the letter “B”? For example I’ve written about BERLIN and BRUSSELS, BIRDS and BOATS, BALANCE and BABIES, BREAK THROUGHS and BLUE MOODS, BREAKFAST and BLOGGERS, BRIDGES and BANJOS, Pina BAUSCH or my wife BARBARA, BATHROOMS and BEDROOMS, BAHREIN or BURN OUT, BRAZIL and BELGIUM, BICYCLES and BIKERS, BIPOLAR or BLIND, BIN LADEN or SAUL BELLOW, BAKERS and BUTCHERS, BIOGRAPHIES or BLACK MUSIC, BOOKS or BMWs – I’m sure you have a topic to share, tagged with “B”!

tagged “B” – for example: BERLIN

6 Berlin Towers
I’m often in Berlin. At first I was shocked by the landmarks of evil history, starting from this town so many decades: the two world wars and then the spy state of Stasi and narrow minded administrations. But then I noticed, step by step new generations are making their own new…

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