Drawing and sketching made me feel better from my inexplicable situations that are happening to me. Well, those inexplicable situations are seen on my portrayals. But these portrayals are not just drawings or sketches — they are my escape. It is my escape from being bored, tired, lonely, angry, and happy and all sorts of mysterious things that I feel. If I feel lonely, I sketch and draw; when I’m happy, I put colours on it. But behind those drawings, I never knew something was lacking – the true laws of drawing and processes to be done. Actually, I just discovered things about drawing when our teacher in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) told us to have a blog. So I decided to have this topic and started to study about it, that’s how I knew about those things. But before we will get into that, I would like to show you my sketches and drawings with their definitions.

“Emotions” done on March 15, 2010; coloured on March 16, 2010

– This drawing represents my feelings of being lonely and unwanted. It shows a little girl sitting with a teddy bear on her hands and was confused being surrounded with different vibes.


“Feet” done on Sept. 07, 2010

-This shows that a person can also have many feet in order to run so fast and go through its goal or dreams in life just like a horse – a horse has four feet and can run so fast up to its goal and get to the finish line.


“Waiting For You” done on Sept. 07, 2010

-This sketch shows a woman waiting for someone she really loves. No matter what happen to her, she will always be waiting for him… She will be “waiting for you”.

“Waiting For You”

“Why Can’t I Fly?” done on Nov. 12, 2010

-This shows a “Winged Cow” who actually asks himself – “Why Can’t I Fly?” because all this time he’s been practising to fly but he just can’t.

"Why Can't I Fly?"

“Bridged” done on Dec. 09, 2010

-This drawing shows how you can cross the challenges in your life by being bridged to it…


“Crown Of A Prince” done on Dec. 09, 2010

-This sketch portrays the crown of the prince. That his crown also acts just like what he acts…

“Crown Of A Prince”

That’s all for now, I have lots of sketches to post. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it…



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